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We are Matilha Estúdio/mɐ.tˈi.ʎɐ es’tuʤɪʊ/

We craft digital products & services
that engage

Design is all about people and dogs*

Together, we strive to create and deliver amazing solutions that really solve problems, making the world a better place, one challenge at a time.
We crafted digital products & services
for some cool names
A sample on what we've done so far
What we do

We’re multidisciplinary specialists

We are an experienced team that sees design as one of the biggest competitive advantages to any business, and we are passionate about challenging projects that positively impact people's lives through design.
Service design

Our essence is to explore and create more than digital products.

We build services for real‑life people with real problems. We map each point of that journey, and make it better.

Atomic Research / Service Blueprint / Complete data report
User experience

Every interface needs a solid foundation.

Well-executed UX exposes and helps us diagnose design challenges before they become problems.

Wireframes / User flow / Prototyping
Product Strategy

Great ideas also need polishing.

Combining data with our expertise in digital business, we are prepared to guide our clients to the most accurate decisions, turning loose ideas into stunning yet doable projects.

Priority Matrix / Product roadmap
Branding and Naming

Each company is as unique and complex as a person.We help our clients to understand who their company is, and how it should be presented to the world, strategically and visually.

Strategic values / Naming / Brand voice / Brand behaviour / Brandbook
Interface Design

Great user interface goes beyond pretty pixels.

We create interfaces that are delightful, consistent, purposeful and intuitive.

Interface Design / Visual Design / Design System / Product Assets

We love bringing our concepts to life.

Whether it's on the web, desktop, mobile, or all three, using a variety of languages and platforms.

Frontend Web Dev / Backend Dev / Crossplatform App Dev / Functional Analysis
How we do it

We create positive impact for real people collaboratively

We build projects with our clients, not for them
This process is shared with our whole team,
and that includes service designers, ux/ui designers and developers. We're in constant contact with the product's users and stakeholders. Our goal is to bring diverse perspectives to the same room, and come out of it with the best solution for everyone.
Double Diamond
We follow a method, with the essential flexibility
We follow the Double Diamond method as our Design Thinking approach. Adapted to our reality, we work collaboratively in all steps of the way. That said, we're always evolving our perspectives, tools and workflow. Never satisfied with just a good way, we strive for excellency.
01. we start with service design
02. then we use ux/ui design
03. finally we code everything

Our deliveries are research based

Before we even start thinking about interface, our team focus on understanding the whole ecosystem of our client. Considering the user perspective, the company business, technology feasability, possible sociocultural and enviormental impacts. From data, we build great experience and value.

Our deliveries are usability driven

Our UX designers take part in our research process, so they actually know the context of the people they are drawing for. From the experience built in userflow, to a pixel perfect interface, our goal is to always impress our clients, and their clients.

Our deliveries are carefully coded

We consider the languages and frameworks we're going to use from the start, our devs make decisions from the start. We treat the projects as if they were our own, building clean, efficient and scalable code.

Digital services that bring people together

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