Our team

Since the studio was founded, we have worked on a huge variety of projects and collaborated with entrepreneurs and companies from all shapes and sizes. We are an experienced team, passionate about challenging projects and changing people’s lives through design solutions.

We are challenge driven and always give one hundred percent at every step of the process. So if you’re an established company looking to spice things up or a new startup looking to release your product, you're on the right place.

Companies we have worked with

  • VISA
  • Banco do Brasil
  • Pipefy
  • Editora Positivo
  • Consulta Remédios
  • Neodent
  • Encontre um Nerd
  • Grupo Boticário
  • minestore
  • Clara
  • Mega Sistemas
  • Social Wave
  • BoletoBancário.com

Small team, great talents.

We have a multidisciplinary team that love to work in challenging projects. These are the team leaders:

Guilherme Utko - Co-founder & Biz Dev

Guilherme Utko

Co-founder & Biz Dev

Daniel Imaeda - Creative Director Partner

Daniel Imaeda

Creative Director Partner

Piercarlo Melatti - User Experience Partner

Piercarlo Melatti

User Experience Partner

Jonas Scherer - Chief Technology Partner

Jonas Scherer

Chief Technology Partner

Want to be part of the team?

Send us your portfolio and let’s chat. We’d love to meet you!

Our manifesto

Crafting digital products is a multidisciplinary process.
Branding, typography, user experience and interaction, code and – maybe most importantly – content. Everything must connect seamlessly, like a beautiful harmony.

We are an amplifier.
You need to be part of the process to achieve better results on your project.

Design, business and technology must walk hand in hand in order to create meaningful experiences.

Investing in amazing user experience is always the best competitive advantage for your business.

There’s no work without trust. When you hire us we will always ensure that both the company and the costumer will be guiding the whole process.

Taste is a personal choice. We make sure that all our decisions are made based on design principles, facts and on our own past experiences crafting projects.

We put all of our energy, sweat and tears into everything we do. Working on exciting projects and collaborating with great entrepreneurs is what gets us out of bed every day.

Everyone involved in the process must be happy. That’s why we only work with professionals that share our ideals: mutual respect, trust, kindness and empathy.

Nothing is small or insignificant enough not to be done with perfection. The devil is in the details.

Less is always more.